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PACT Promise

The PACT Promise is Brightside Recovery’s commitment to providing the best addiction treatment and service to promote a positive and long lasting recovery. Learn how Brightside goes the extra mile for you by exploring the areas below.
  • Programs Designed for Long Term Sobriety
  • Evidence-Based Treatment Programs
  • 98% of patients report stable or progressing toward stability

Brightside was established in 2015 and has been the leader in addiction treatment ever since.  Brightside initially started with providing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) through our Brightside Clinic. Brightside Recovery’s programs have the extra layer of support through individual and group therapy, peer support and sustainable aftercare.

We work with every patient to achieve continued success after leaving Brightside Recovery. We believe to overcome addiction, one needs to continually manage the triggers associated with their past addiction. Thus, our outpatient programs work long term to better ensure a positive recovery with continued access the medication-assisted treatment (MAT).  In fact, a Harvard study has shown our treatment program can increase the likelihood of long term sobriety over other programs that do not have access to MAT.

  • Same Day Appointments – No Waiting Lists!
  • Convenient Chicagoland Locations & Telehealth
  • Unlimited Access to Professionals & Staff

Our successful treatment programs provide patients with access to treatment when they need it. This includes from the moment of wanting to start the sobriety process, to stability in recovery. Our successful programs are here to guide and assist you throughout all stages of recovery. 

At Brightside, we provide unprecedented access for patients at every step of the way. We are one of the only treatment facilities in Illinois that can start your path to recovery within the same day. We have multiple, convenient locations and telehealth availability which allows for recovery to begin whenever you are ready. When you start treatment, you will have direct access to your doctor, therapist, staff and peers to help guide you on your path to recovery. With Brightside, you are not alone when you start with us and will never be alone again through our after care plans.

  • Comfortable Environment
  • Friendly & Respectful Staff
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Access

Our locations are welcoming including our comfortable treatment rooms, aromatherapy and our Wall of Hope. The Wall of Hope is where patients provide words of hope to others in the journey of recovery.  If you cannot make it to our locations, our telehealth solutions provide treatment for you in the convenience of your own home. 

We hand select each and every doctor, therapist and staff member. Our team is dedicated to helping people suffering from this disease and we care about every person that enters our facility. 

Through our medical business, Brightside Clinic, we can offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help mitigate the discomfort of withdrawal and cravings and help minimize any potential health risks with immediately stopping substance use. At Brightside, we develop treatment programs to ensure the most comfortable and safe transition for recovery. 

  • Co-Developed Treatment Programs
  • Flexible Programs for Active Individuals
  • Unique Treatments for All Substance Abuses

Brightside is one of the only programs that allows you to co-create your own treatment programs. Our team is fully knowledgeable in treating all substance use addictions and will recommend a specific path we think is best for you, but it is ultimately you that decides your treatment path.

With our added support of the Brightside Clinic, we can combine medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to further enhance your recovery during and after treatment. We will not force MAT with your program but will educate you and present it as an option. With some dependencies, it may be very beneficial to add MAT to your treatment program as it may minimize the potential of any seizures or side effects that may occur with stopping substance use. You then review the options and determine your path to recovery. While we have several treatment programs available to you, it is your decision on what type of treatment best works for you. 

Finally, we understand substance use dependence does not define you. You have a life filled with family and friends, a job and life goals. This is why our programs are flexible and are designed to allow you to continue your life without the interruption of having to be waitlisted to start or having to go away to a treatment facility for 30 days or more.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. Our team of professionals, including certified addiction specialists and therapists, will help to give you a brand new outlook on life in a safe and comfortable environment while having the option for you to join others with peer support. Our Brightside Recovery team provides support from the moment you contact us, throughout your treatment program and beyond with peer support. We support your path to recovery and not only are we by your side through the entire journey but your peers at Brightside Recovery are too.

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