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Brightside Recovery is a fully functioning addiction treatment program with several components that will ensure immediate and long term sobriety.

Outpatient Programs Only

We understand the importance of keeping your life as normal as possible throughout recovery, this is why our programs are outpatient. We won’t take you away from your family, job and school life. Currently, we schedule our group programs at night and our one-on-one therapy sessions based on your availability.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Brightside is the only program that has a full functioning, long term MAT program through our sister company, Brightside Clinic. Alcohol and opioid recovery treatment programs have the option to have medication assistance. This is an option we discuss when deciding what treatment plan works best for you and your path to recovery, but is not required for treatment.

Individual Counseling

Our Brightside Recovery team takes pride in meeting with patients one on one. This one-on-one therapy treatment is a key component to your treatment plan. You will never be alone during your addiction treatment at Brightside Recovery.

Family Therapy

We understand you might not have all the answers or information to relay to your family. Our therapists, counselors and medical professionals can meet with you and your loved ones to explain the recovery process and answer any questions you or your loved ones have.

Peer Support

We at Brightside Recovery want you to know you are never alone in your path to recovery. Our peer support programs are ready for you to join when you are.

Locations / Telehealth

Brightside Recovery has several comfortable addiction treatment locations as well as Telehealth appointments available for your convenience.

Alumni Program & After Care

Your treatment program will be completed but that doesn’t mean our support ends. Brightside Recovery has an alumni program to assist with maintaining sobriety with the guidance and continued support of your fellow alumni.

Group Therapy

Our addiction treatment programs are customized to best fit you and your addiction. Meeting with other patients who are going through a similar recovery process will help put your mind at ease knowing you are not alone. In group therapy you will be able to speak freely and hear others opinions throughout their journey. Our group therapy program ranges from once a week to more developed programs such as intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs (PHP).

We have over 25+ years experience

Brightside Recovery

“I CAN” Programs

Brightside Recovery is the leader in outpatient, substance use disorder treatment. We have custom tailored intensive outpatient treatment programs and one-on-one therapy for alcohol, prescription opioids, heroin, benzodiazepines such as Xanax and stimulants such as cocaine and meth. Brightside Recovery promotes an ICAN attitude for recovery. Our programs are designed to empower patients to create their own paths to recovery. Our customized programs are based on each patient’s stage of recovery. Brightside Recovery empowers individuals in the treatment process and incorporates our I CAN process for treatment:

Initiate Assessment & Program Placement

  • We work together to find the best level of care for your needs
  • If we are not the best option, we will help you find the best provider for

Create Your Treatment Plan

  • Co-develop a long term sobriety plan
  • You decide if and how long you want medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Access Brightside Recovery

  • Access treatment immediately through our multiple locations or via TeleMed
  • Our team is accessible during treatment and beyond

New Life in Recovery

  • Brightside Recovery and your peers support you after treatment
  • Only program to provide MAT after treatment
Brightside Recovery

Ready To Get Started?

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. Our team of professionals, including certified addiction specialists and therapists, will help to give you a brand new outlook on life in a safe and comfortable environment while having the option for you to join others with peer support. Our Brightside Recovery team provides support from the moment you contact us, throughout your treatment program and beyond with peer support. We support your path to recovery and not only are we by your side through the entire journey but your peers at Brightside Recovery are too.

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