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If you or a loved one have started researching addiction treatment programs, you have likely found that there is more than one kind. When people think of addiction treatment, the first thought that comes to mind is a residential program. While inpatient or residential treatment is highly beneficial and often the most successful form of addiction treatment, other levels of care are available. Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs offer equal levels of addiction treatment therapy without a necessary residential component.

An intensive outpatient program or IOP is often used as an intermediary step between a residential treatment program and an outpatient program. An intensive outpatient program in Chicago is significantly different from a residential program. Intensive outpatient programs allow you more freedom to resume your day-to-day life obligations while progressing towards sobriety and long-term freedom from addiction. As mentioned above, IOPs are sometimes used as a stepping stone between treatment levels; however, in other cases, it may be appropriate to begin your treatment at the intensive outpatient level. Our IOP program runs Monday through Wednesday from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.

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Intensive Outpatient

Inpatient vs. Outpatient:
Which is Right for Me?

Although there are a variety of differences between inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment in Illinois, the most notable is the residential component of an inpatient (or residential) component of an inpatient treatment program. A residential treatment program requires you to “live” on-site at the treatment facility while you work with a team of addiction treatment professionals on your treatment needs and goals. Residential programs often provide various treatment options, services, and amenities that intensive outpatient programs do not.

The residential or inpatient setting is often well suited (or even better suited) for those who struggle with a severe addiction or for those who have completed treatment previously and have experienced a relapse. At an inpatient program, you are provided with housing, meals, medical care, nutritional services, and recreational opportunities for you to take advantage of during your treatment. 

Inpatient treatment also helps remove one of the most significant challenges to ongoing sobriety and recovery triggers. While staying at the facility, you are removed from the environment or from situations where temptations and triggers are of concern. A residential program is also beneficial if your home environment does not support achieving sobriety or continually exposes you to triggers. For example, if you live in a residence with a few roommates and they are not actively pursuing sobriety, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to attain and maintain sobriety when surrounded by others who are using or drinking. 

Outpatient programs are generally less expensive than inpatient programs and allow patients to live at home while receiving treatment. Also, outpatient programs are often highly flexible in terms of therapy and appointment scheduling. The most significant difference between outpatient and inpatient programs is the “residential” element. An intensive outpatient program in Chicago provides similar therapy options; however, the level of support is reduced. Because outpatient programs allow you to live at home, they cannot provide equivalent 24/7 medical monitoring, mental health services, and nutritional support.

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Understanding Intensive Outpatient Treatment Near Chicago, Illinois

Intensive outpatient treatment is suggested if you have a mild addiction, minimal underlying health concerns, and a strong, stable support structure in your home environment. It is also a beneficial step-down level of treatment between inpatient and outpatient care. In the outpatient setting, you will participate in various types of therapy, including individual, group, and family therapies. 

A very important part of outpatient treatment is group therapy. Participation in a group treatment setting allows you to give and receive support from your peers, improve communication skills and, through interaction with peers, learn how to be in a social environment without using drugs or alcohol. At Brightside Recovery’s intensive outpatient program, you will learn and practice the essential coping skills that are vital to avoiding relapse and maintaining recovery after treatment ends. 

What to Expect at a Chicago Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient programs use many of the same treatment models used in inpatient residential addiction treatment settings. These evidence-based therapy models, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and relapse prevention skills, can help you achieve sobriety and maintain long-term recovery. 

Our intensive outpatient program at Brightside Recovery looks at the whole person. Addiction is more than a negative relationship with drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that impacts you in physical, psychological, and spiritual ways. The best opportunities for recovery are those programs that look at whole health. In addition to comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment, we support your nutritional health, sleep health, and your overall wellness to ensure a holistic and comfortable recovery process.

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Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Illinois

At our drug rehab in Illinois, we understand early intervention is often key to successful treatment. For this reason, we strive to initiate treatment within twenty-four hours. At our intensive outpatient program in Illinois, our skilled and experienced treatment team will work with you to design a custom-tailored treatment program designed to meet your needs and goals. Whether you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, prescription painkillers, stimulants, or benzodiazepines, we can help you overcome addiction. 

We believe you should be empowered to create your own path to recovery. When you arrive at our Chicago IOP facility, the first step is to determine the best level of care for your needs. If you need a care level more intensive than we offer, we will help you find the best provider to meet our needs. While developing your treatment plan, we provide patients the ability to choose if they want medication-assisted treatment. Although medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is often helpful in reducing the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms experienced while detoxing from some substances, we do not require it. Your treatment team will discuss the pros and cons of medication-assisted treatment with you while leaving the final decision up to you. 

Our Illinois rehab programs are outpatient. Here at Brightside, you can begin your journey to sobriety without having to leave behind your family and loved ones. We schedule your individual (one-to-one) therapy sessions based on your schedule and our group therapy sessions in the evenings so our participants can continue to fulfill their day-to-day obligations while still getting the help they need to heal.   

We also realize the importance of family throughout the addiction treatment process. Our caring and compassionate team members can meet with your family to help them understand how treatment works and what to expect as you continue your journey to recovery. It is essential for family (especially those you live with) to share in the recovery experience so they can help you manage potential relapse triggers.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, the team at Brightside is here to help. Our team of highly trained professionals includes certified addiction specialists and skilled therapists who understand the struggles and challenges you face each day as you seek sobriety. Our Chicago IOP facility provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Our recovery team is here to support you from the moment you reach out to us. We provide support and guidance from the very beginning and beyond with comprehensive aftercare planning and alumni programs. Let our team support you on your journey to a healthy, substance-free life. To learn more about our IOP in Illinois, contact us today.

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