What are the Benefits of a Rehab Alumni Program?

What are the Benefits of a Rehab Alumni Program?

Millions of people worldwide use, misuse, and abuse drugs on a daily basis. And while some may never truly experience the harmful impact drug use can have on one’s life, too many are faced with a different reality – a harsh one that often leads to injury or, worse, death.


While drug addiction can be lethal, drug addicts aren’t alone in their fight toward recovery, and treatment is a real possibility when conditions are right. That’s what makes Illinois rehab centers and addiction treatment programs so crucial to the short- and long-term health of those struggling. 


Rehab is often the difference between living a healthy life and living one that’s overshadowed by drug use and addiction. Even then, rehab usually isn’t the end-all because addicts often require aftercare and continued assistance to ensure they don’t relapse or start using drugs again. 


What Is a Rehab Alumni Program?

Most people think the road to recovery ends when you leave rehab. In reality, the road to recovery is just beginning, and while an addict takes a number of significant steps in rehab, they must apply what they’ve learned for years to come – especially if they want to maintain their health.


After completing rehab, former drug addicts will be asked to join a rehab alumni program. This program is a way for former drug addicts to connect and stay connected with other addicts who completed rehab and staff members who helped them overcome their drug addiction. 


You can think of an alumni rehab program as a form of aftercare that ensures the individual has the necessary resources, desire, and inspiration to continue their recovery at home. This helps minimize the possibility of relapsing in the future and keeps the individual on a healthy path. 


What is the Importance of Aftercare in Recovery?

Addiction recovery is a process that involves a number of crucial steps that help the individual overcome addiction and make the necessary behavioral changes to ensure long-term recovery. Each step in the process is just as important as the next – including aftercare in recovery. 


The first step usually involves a detox to remove the harmful substance from the body. The second step is where therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes take place. Once rehab is complete, the third step often involves aftercare – the continued support of that individual long-term. 


Without aftercare, staff members would have no way of knowing how well that individual does with recovery after they leave rehab. This would increase their chance of relapsing and using drugs again, resulting in that individual returning to rehab for all the wrong reasons. 


How is an Alumni Rehab Program Used in Recovery?

An alumni rehab program generally consists of a number of social gatherings – both in-person and online – that allows for former addicts to connect with one another. Let’s take a look at some of the common forms of activities and gatherings you can expect during recovery aftercare:

  • Cookouts, restaurant gatherings, dinners, brunches, and food tastings
  • Facebook groups, social media gatherings, and online video chat meetings
  • Hiking, camping, and other nature-related, outdoor activities that bring people together
  • Group vacations, retreats, resorts, and other traveling activities
  • Volunteering, community service, and other help related to their community
  • Bowling, outdoor and indoor sports leagues, and other fitness/exercise activities
  • Support groups, annual gatherings, checkups, follow-ups, and updates
  • Movie nights, arts and crafts, and other fun group activities to connect with people


Many people who complete rehab will keep in touch with other former addicts that they completed rehab with. With an alumni rehab program in place, those same former addicts can meet and connect with others who completed rehab at a different time than they did. 


How to Find a Rehab Alumni Program

While the initial goal during rehab is short-term recovery, the big picture involves sustaining that recovery over the long-term – ideally, the rest of the individual’s life. By joining an alumni rehab program, the individual has the continued support they need from staff and other former addicts.


At Brightside Recovery, we believe in that continued support for each of our residents who complete treatment. Just because you leave rehab doesn’t mean your recovery comes to an end. In fact, that recovery is just beginning, and we want to ensure you’re set up for success.

If you’re looking to overcome your drug addiction or know someone who might benefit from rehab, contact us today to learn more about our Illinois addiction recovery programs. When you choose Brightside Recovery, you can rest easy knowing your recovery is in good hands – long-term!

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