After Care

Your addiction treatment program will conclude but that does not mean your support ends. BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s Aftercare program is here to assist with maintaining sobriety through the guidance and continued support of your fellow alumni. 

After you complete your intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) program you transition to our Aftercare program for ongoing addiction treatment support. This program allows you to have a safe and comfortable place to reflect and continue to support through recovery. This program is designed around your specific needs and allows you to practice your new skills in life and also acts as a fall back if you feel like you are struggling.

We at BRIGHTSIDE Recovery want you to know you are never alone in your path to recovery including after you completed your intensive outpatient addiction treatment program. Our Aftercare support programs are ready for you when you have completed your addiction treatment program.  

Our BRIGHTSIDE Recovery team provides support from the moment you contact us, throughout your treatment program and beyond with our Aftercare and alumni programs. We look forward to continuing helping and guiding you or your loved one through continuous Aftercare.

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