How to Help Someone With Drug Addiction and Depression

How to Help Someone With Drug Addiction and Depression

Unfortunately, over 7 million people suffer from comorbid substance use disorders and significant mental illnesses.  As early as the 1970’s doctors were noticing the correlation between depression. And now, while it is suspected that over 20 million people in the United States suffer from substance use disorders even more suffer from some form of clinically diagnosed depression. Approximately 30% of individuals with a substance abuse disorder also have lifetime major depression. 


To help someone with drug addiction and depression, it is important to get them to find the right treatment. If they are nervous or reluctant to go, tell them about Brightside Recovery. Our treatment centers offer virtual and in-person treatment, MAT (medication-assisted treatment), and comfortable and customized programs to help them achieve their treatment goals. 

Are Drug Addiction and Depression Related?

There is a strong correlation between drug addiction and depression due to overlapping symptoms. 


Often individuals who become addicted to drugs will struggle with the side-effects and withdraw symptoms of the drugs, hide from their family, friends, and loved activities, and feel shame about their activities leading to feelings of depression that can continue beyond normal passing feelings. The depression associated with use can be learned and become difficult to manage with abusing substances.


On the other hand, individuals who are depressed can more easily become addicted to drugs. Individuals diagnosed with depression and put on an anti-depressant have the opportunity to abuse their prescription. Additionally, individuals who are depressed will seek out drugs to provide a high to alter their mental state and “feel better.” While this is a temporary trick, individuals who struggle with depression can become attached to the euphoria created by the drug and chase the high.


Because the two disorders are so interconnected, individuals often struggle with figuring out if they need support for addiction to mental health. The answer is both.

How to Help Someone With Drug Addiction and Depression

The best way to help someone with drug addiction and depression is to get them help at a licensed facility. Through treatment, individuals can work to manage not only their substance abuse, but their mental illness as well.


Dual-diagnosis treatment for addiction and mental illness will help your loved one address both disorders that they are struggling with. Through individual therapy, group counseling, and family sessions, individuals can work through the issues causing the addiction and work to manage the symptoms of their depression.


Drug addiction and depression work against each other in the body and brain making symptoms seem impossible to overcome. If you or a loved one are struggling with this overwhelming process, contact Brightside Recovery today. Our addiction treatment program is designed to offer the most innovative programs and treatment for substance abuse and related mental illnesses. 

Get Help With Addiction at Brightside Recovery

At Brightside Recovery, our in-person and virtual addiction treatment programs are created to meet the individualized and personalized needs of each client. Out innovative and engaging virtual addiction treatment is offered at convenient times to meet your schedule and needs.  


Not only do we bring the therapy to the client, but we offer some of the newest and most effective treatment opportunities for clients struggling with substance abuse – MAT. MAT is medically-assisted treatment. This type of substance abuse treatment works to provide medication that supports individuals in their journey to stop substance abuse. 


Through Brightside Recovery, we believe your path to recovery can start today. We don’t believe in waitlists. Our clients can live chat with a healthcare professional anytime they need, day or night. 


Contact us today to see how we can support you on the path to recovery by showing you the bright side. 

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