How Long are Rehab Programs for Drugs and Alcohol?

How Long are Rehab Programs for Drugs and Alcohol?

Deciding to enter treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a big decision. One of the most common questions when looking into treatment is how long are rehab programs? This is a valid question, but a hard one to answer. The short answer – it depends. Rehab programs tend to vary in length from 30 days to 90 days, or even up to a year.

Why is there so much variation? 

Addiction affects millions of people, and each person has different needs. Rehab centers, such as Brightside Recovery, have adapted to meet those various needs. 

What is a rehab program for drugs and alcohol? 

Rehab programs for drugs and alcohol are aimed at helping people with addiction live a fulfilling life without substances. These programs understand that sobriety is difficult to achieve without significant support. Generally, rehab programs may offer individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, coaching, and medication-assisted treatment. 

Goals of rehab programs

The overall goal of rehab programs is to help people recover from addiction. To achieve this, rehab programs often focus on building relapse prevention skills and working through managing triggers that lead to substance use. They also help people with additional goals such as, maintaining a job, building new relationships, and finding sober activities.

These goals are often included in relapse prevention plans, but, notably, these programs focus on more than just the goal of sobriety. Rehab programs recognize that the addiction has taken over your life and the goal is to get your life back.

How long are rehab programs for drugs and alcohol? 

The recommended length of treatment for rehab programs is generally 90 days. Research has found that treatment shorter than this is associated with lower success rates. Although 90 days is considered the bare minimum, people usually need even more time in treatment – sometimes up to a year or longer.

There are different rehab program options for drugs and alcohol. The following are listed in order of most intensive to least intensive.

Residential treatment: Residential treatment can last anywhere from one month to one year depending on the program.

Intensive outpatient: Intensive outpatient programs are a step down from residential and tend to last about 90 days.

Outpatient: Outpatient programs are the lowest level of care and are recommended for ongoing care to promote prolonged recovery.

Oftentimes, people with addiction benefit from more intensive programs to start with, such as residential treatment or intensive outpatient. Then, they need continued support through outpatient programs. Therefore, the cases with the most success have treatment for a minimum of 90 days, in residential and/or intensive outpatient, but treatment to maintain recovery can continue through outpatient.

Choose Brightside Recovery as your rehab program

Brightside Recovery has had your needs at the forefront since we opened in 2015. We understand that the decision to enter treatment is difficult. You need access to treatment right away and you need options. We offer both through the PACT Promise. The PACT Promise states that we will provide: 

Programs that work – All of our approaches to treatment are evidence-based. 

Access to treatment – No more waiting a month or more to be seen. We offer same-day appointments. 

Comfortable transition – We ensure that we hire quality staff that are welcoming and put your needs first. 

Treatment designed for you – You know yourself better than anyone. Therefore, you should be able to make decisions about your treatment. 

Brightside Recovery offers comprehensive treatment so that you have all the support you need to get to long-term recovery. We offer intensive outpatient, outpatient, medication-assisted treatment, and dual-diagnosis treatment. 

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