Are There Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers?

Are There Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers?

When it comes to rehabilitative care, there are many types of addiction treatment centers, including those that support individuals battling cocaine. 


Brightside Recovery helps individuals battling cocaine addiction by challenging them to be better than they were the day before. Our Medication Assisted Treatment program (MAT) utilizes FDA-approved medications to support addiction treatment and help clients achieve long-term sobriety. Through online treatment, we believe that we can reach our clients where they are and support their mental health through access and accessibility.


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What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that increases the overall speed and functioning of major organs in the body. Dangerous from the first hit, cocaine is considered a binge drug because of how quickly its effects wear off. Individuals who use cocaine often use it multiple times over the course of a few hours. This process can cause intense withdrawal symptoms and lead to sensitivity and tolerance of the addictive drug. 

Signs of a Cocaine Addiction

Individuals who are addicted to cocaine may demonstrate some common signs of use. While the symptoms of use typically only last an hour or so, they can be extreme and noticeable for individuals who have a history of use.


Short-term health effects of cocaine include:


  • Extreme happiness and energy
  • Mental alertness
  • Hypersensitivity to light, sound, and touch
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia—extreme and unreasonable distrust of others


These short-term effects can create a euphoric high, while long-term use can cause more damage to the body including high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and muscle twitching. Chronic use can cause noticeable effects of cocaine addiction are indicated by how the drug is used: 


  • Snorting: loss of smell, nosebleeds, frequent runny nose, and problems with swallowing
  • Smoking: cough, asthma, respiratory distress, and higher risk of infections like pneumonia
  • Consuming by mouth: severe bowel decay from reduced blood flow
  • Needle injection: higher risk for contracting HIV, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases, skin or soft tissue infections, as well as scarring or collapsed veins”


An individual with a cocaine addiction may also exhibit changes in mood, personality, and hygiene. These are due to mental concerns that accompany frequent and chronic cocaine use. Individuals who develop a sensitivity to cocaine may experience more extreme reactions and harsher withdrawals. 

Signs It’s Time To Look For Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers

Cocaine, unlike many other drugs, is as dangerous from the first hit as it is every hit after. As a stimulant, it increases every function from blood pressure to temperature. This can cause panic attacks, seizures, and heart attacks. 


If you find yourself or you find that your loved one is using cocaine, it is crucial that you get them structured support through a cocaine addiction treatment center to stop their use. Because cocaine is so addictive and is considered a binge drug, individuals often don’t realize how quickly their bodies can adapt to the feeling of being high and become addicted to that state. 

Brightside Recovery – Online Addiction Treatment

Through online and in-person addiction treatment at Brightside Recovery, our highly rated team can support individuals struggling with various drug and alcohol addictions. We utilize Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as part of our treatment programs to support individuals with maintaining sobriety and learning to live with addiction as part of their lives.


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