We Understand

We at BRIGHTSIDE Recovery understand the difficulty in deciding to stop abusing cannabis. Our team of medical professionals, therapists and counselors know how important it is for us to be there for you when you take your first step in your path to recovery. Our intensive outpatient programs and one-on-one therapy treatments are designed to provide cannabis addiction treatment in the most discrete, convenient and friendly environment. 

Our team is readily available to meet with you at any of our comfortable locations or via Telehealth to begin this journey together. From the moment you call or message us, throughout your treatment program and after program completion you are never alone at BRIGHTSIDE Recovery.

Impact of Cannabis

Cannabis dependency has social, psychological and physical effects which in turn negatively impact relationship and family problems. Cannabis often leads to low energy, poor self-esteem, both memory and sleep problems as well as overall dissatisfaction with life. Cannabis abuse and dependency can be remedied with the guidance of BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s team.

Comfortable and Customized Programs

Our professionals meet with you to discuss our comfortable, convenient and discrete addiction treatment plan options. BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s intensive outpatient treatments and one-on-one therapy programs are customized to best fit you, your lifestyle and your addiction. 

Our treatment programs are outpatient, meaning this path to recovery will not take you away from your family, work or life. We understand the importance of maintaining normalcy with your treatment program. Your path to recovery can start today. BRIGHTSIDE Recovery does not have waiting lists! 

The Key to Recovery

BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s programs have proven successful and sustainable. We work with you to give you the control to manage and overcome your abuse, dependency or addiction. As you will continuously see through your time with BRIGHTSIDE Recovery, our programs are built on our ICAN philosophy. 

We Promote an I CAN Attitude for Recovery:
BRIGHTSIDE Recovery programs empower individuals to create their own path to recovery.

Initiate Assessment & Program Placement

    • We work together to find the best level of care for your needs
    • If we are not the best option, we will help you find the best provider for you

Create Your Treatment Plan

    • Co-develop a long term sobriety plan

Access BRIGHTSIDE Recovery

    • Access treatment immediately through our multiple locations or via Telehealth
    • Our team is accessible during treatment and beyond

New Life in Recovery

    • BRIGHTSIDE Recovery and your peers support you after treatment

Continuous Support
If you or someone you know is struggling with cannabis abuse, addiction or dependency the BRIGHTSIDE Recovery team is here ready to help. You will receive treatment in our safe and comfortable environments. BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s team is here to support your path to recovery and are by your side through the entire journey. 

Start Your Path to Recovery!