How BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Can Help

There are several routes to overcoming drug dependency and addiction including one-on-one therapy, intensive outpatient group programs, and accessibility to medication-assisted treatment, if you desire.

BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s experienced professionals meet with you to discuss treatment options and decide what path is best for your recovery. The best part is knowing you will have our team by your side from the moment you connect with us, during your recovery process and after the completion of your treatment plan through alumni networks and continuous care programs.

We understand how daunting recovery can be which is why we have the best team to assist you. At BRIGHTSIDE Recovery you are not alone.

BRIGHTSIDE Recovery is the leader in addiction treatment with customized intensive outpatient treatment programs and one-on-one therapy for all substance abuses including alcohol, benzodiazepines including xanax, cannabis, heroin, prescription opioids, stimulants including cocaine and meth.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcohol abuse, addiction, binging and dependency has an impact on daily lives that BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s team can help with. Alcohol abuse often strains relationships, negatively affects overall performance at work, school and home.

Often drinking leads to a gap in upholding responsibilities including lowered inhibitions which in turn turns into mistrust by those around you. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) increases likelihood of accidents, injuries and irrational behavior including mood swings and violent outbursts. Alcoholism can be remedied with the guidance of BRIGHTSIDE Recovery.

Benzodiazepine Abuse Treatment

Benzodiazepine has been known as the ‘date rape’ drug due to the sedative effect they have. Benzodiazepine abuse or addiction negatively impacts relationships, jobs and emotions. Personality changes often occur including depression and suicidal thoughts.

Often there is withdrawal from family, friends, work and other obligations. Benzodiazepines including xanax are often paired with the abuse or misuse of other drugs. BRIGHTSIDE Recovery has the team and tools to guide Benzodiazepine recovery.

Cannabis Abuse Treatment

Cannabis dependency has social, psychological and physical effects which in turn negatively impact relationship and family problems. Cannabis often leads to low energy, poor self-esteem, both memory and sleep problems as well as overall dissatisfaction with life.

Cannabis abuse and dependency can be remedied with the guidance of BRIGHTSIDE Recovery’s team.

Heroin Abuse Treatment

Heroin is highly addictive and is the most addictive opioid drug. Heroin use often causes mood changes which affect upholding of responsibilities at home, school and work.

Heroin dependency often leads to insomnia, depression and poor decision making. BRIGHTSIDE Recovery has a team of medical professionals, therapists and counselors to best assist in recovery from heroin addiction.

Opioids Abuse Treatment

Prescription Opioids are often abused to mask emotions and physical feelings. Abuse or addiction to prescription opioids cause mood swings, irritability, sleep problems, poor decision making, risky behavior, car accidents, problems with work, school and home. Prescription Opioid addiction or abuse can be treated by BRIGHTSIDE Recovery.

Stimulants Abuse Treatment

Stimulant abuse, addiction and dependency negatively impacts users’ lives. Often those who misuse stimulants such as meth and cocaine have mood changes, episodes of violence, miss work or school, do not maintain responsibilities and do not eat causing them to lose weight.

Often the misuse of stimulants cause anxiety, delusions, paranoia, confusion and hallucinations. Overall the effect of stimulant abuse can be detrimental to a person’s overall well being. With the guidance of BRIGHTSIDE Recovery stimulant sobriety is possible.

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