BRIGHTSIDE and its leadership have worked with media and local community to educate and participate in discussions about addiction and BRIGHTSIDE’S mission.


BRIGHTSIDE is known for being one of the top reliable sources for addiction treatment knowledge.  We have been featured on several prominent media outlets to educate and share information regarding BRIGHTSIDE Recovery and addiction recovery in regards to intensive outpatient treatment programs, medication-assisted treatment, and getting treatment in rural areas.

Below you will find links to articles about Brightside Recovery. Click on the media logos below to view the articles.

Community Outreach

BRIGHTSIDE’S leadership has been invited to speak at several educatinal events and universities

Worked with multiple hospitals and health care systems to strategize and develop effective treatment and referral of Opioid dependent patients in the ED and those admitted to the hospital

  • Advocate Aurora Health, multiple locations
  • Swedish American Hospital Belvidere, Illinois
  • Mercyhealth, Javon Bea Hospital, multiple locations

Other Partnerships:

    • Live4Lali – Panelist for Webinar Wednesdays: “The Harm Reduction Continuum”
    • Boone County Probation system and Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction (COAR) Program members
    • Assyrian Student Association, panel on Opioid use Disorder, Sept 2020

Chris has worked at Aurora University in the School of Social Work for the Substance use program of the past ten years. The focus of Chris’s work is on preparing both undergraduates and graduate students to work in the field of Substance use disorders. His focus has been on general substance use education and addiction counseling skills.

Chris’s goal is to have the students employable by the time they complete the certificate program and internship. It is important for Chris that the students have an understanding of evidence based practices, can apply the skills taught, and have the passion to serve this population. Chris has stated, “It is my honor and privilege to know that I am impacting the field as a whole by preparing these students to serve.”

Community – Volunteering

BRIGHTSIDE Recovery actively participates in several community groups:

American Society of Addiction Medicine