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Bright Side Recovery offers several key services that will help you live a happier life. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect rehab center for hundreds of unique individuals. The opportunities are endless, and they’re available at your disposal.


The first step to starting a better life is purifying your body and mind through detoxification services. Often, the process will be unique for each individual experiencing it. Every single person is different, and at Bright Side Recovery, we strive to find the rehabilitation center that will give you the best cleansing. The three main components of purifying your body and mind are: preparation, detoxification, and post-detoxification. If you do not have the right guidance through this journey, you will struggle throughout the entire progression.

30-Day Rehab

Sometimes you need rehabilitation, but not the long journey of counseling, detoxifying, and recovery that it takes for others. This is where our team at Bright Side Recovery will come in with assistance on finding a 30-day rehabilitation center that fits your needs as a client. People that might consider this program are people who have not suffered from addiction for a prolonged period of time. This program is also administered in-house, where the client is to stay for the entire 30-day duration. We don’t make it our mission to find you a temporary place to stay at; we make it our mission to find you a temporary home to heal at.

60-Day Rehab

For people who have been fighting addiction for an extended period of their life, 60-day rehabilitation might be the answer. This program is designed for clients that struggle through the process, especially in the earlier stages, and offers extended therapy and support throughout the entirety of your healing. At Bright Side Recovery, we get to know you and your needs. Then we do the in-depth research that finds the proper 60-day rehabilitation center that’s perfect for you. Our team wants the best for you, and we intend to help you get it and achieve it.

90-Day Rehab

If your history of drug and/or alcohol abuse is serious and long, then a 90-day rehab program is exactly what you need. These programs offer the highest level of support possible. Designed for clients that feel lost and helpless, the 90-day rehabilitation programs help you to understand that recovery is possible. Bright Side Recovery offers our expertise in finding the proper rehabilitation center for your 90 days of care. Your life is changing in the worst way, but with our help you can change it in the best way. Even when you’ve given up, we still keep fighting for you.

Extended Care

The Extended Care program is designed to help you adjust to post-rehabilitation life. When you’ve finished your time in the clinic but you’re still in need of support, this is the ideal program for you. Not everybody needs the extra help, but you should never feel ashamed if you do. It’s never too late to reach back out, and at Bright Side Recovery we will always offer you the means necessary to find that support. We also try our hardest to support your quest for excess help in the meantime by getting to know your worries, concerns, and needs and then applying them to finding the right extended care program for you.


Day Patient

This program is targeted at clients that either cannot stay at a clinic or flat out refuse to stay at a clinic. Whether you don’t suffer severely from drug and/or alcohol addiction or you really don’t want to stay in a clinic no matter what – Bright Side Recovery has you covered. We find day programs that still offer immense support and all other elements of a successful rehabilitation program. Even if you’re not spending ample amount of time inside of a clinic, you can still be saved. Your life can still change and you can still grow. This program is usually executed during daylight hours.

Evening Outpatient

If you’ve already gone through a rehabilitation process and started living life normally again, then an Evening Outpatient program might be up your alley. Programs like this bring extended support from professionals without the clinic-style rehabilitation practices. This is usually the last stage of healing, and Bright Side Recovery doesn’t skimp out just because you’re almost there. This is where we pull out all our tricks, trying to find you the perfect endgame to this journey. We want you to get the support that you not only need, but the support you’ve earned and deserve.

Sober Living

Designed for clients who have completed every level of rehabilitation and recovery, but who are still unsure on whether they can live a completely clean life; the Sober Living program offers advice and support on how to stay clean and sober. We strive to find the right Sober Living program for you at Bright Side Recovery, wanting you to stay clean for as long as possible. Even if you lose your resolve, we have enough for the both of us. Bright Side Recovery wants to help you keep the goals you’ve worked so hard to earn by finding the right Sober Living program for you.


Aftercare Services

There are plenty of aftercare programs available to clients, like: Daypatient, Evening Patient, Extended Care, and Sober living. Because everybody is different, different programs might be necessary for different individuals. If you’re struggling on finding the right aftercare program for yourself, then let Bright Side Recovery assist you. By getting to know your struggles, needs, and goals for your future, we can put the effort and time into finding the aftercare program that best suits you. After we’ve figured that out, we proceed to find the perfect rehabilitation center that offers the best service.

Alumni Program

The rehabilitation process isn’t all struggle and work – you do have the Alumni Program to look forward to. After spending all of that time working to better yourself and live a brighter future, you deserve to be doted on for graduation. Not all rehabilitation centers offer the Alumni program, but at Bright Side Recovery we make sure to find the rehab center that does. We want the best for you as a client and human, and that includes getting the congratulations you deserve at the end of your journey. Celebration is necessary, if you ask us.

Family Program

If you’re close to your family or you desire to be close to your family, Bright Side Recovery will take that into consideration and find a rehabilitation center that offers family programs. These can include different therapy techniques involving family members, visits, and just general support. There is no better support than that offered by a family that loves you. If the love of loved ones is what you desire during your journey, then we will do our all to include that. At Bright Side Recovery, we recognize the importance of family and your future with your family. If you heal together, the outcome will be all the better.


Crisis Counseling

There are times where you might be in a crisis – maybe even after completing rehabilitation and recovery – and you’re in need of immediate treatment. You don’t have to suffer your relapse alone, and you don’t have to succumb back to the world you fought so hard to get rid of. Bright Side Recovery will find a Crisis Counseling program for you designed to help you handle your emotions, goals, and the new journey back to a sober and clean life. Don’t be afraid to let Bright Side Recovery help you. Your negative behavior can be stopped before you go completely over the deep end.


Interventions are meant for people who suffer from extreme addiction and refuse help, despite them needing it badly. These programs are not meant to hurt clients in any way. Instead, if you are seeking an Intervention program for a friend or family member, Bright Side Recovery can help you find the most suitable one. The beginning of the journey is always difficult, especially if the client is angry, but in the end they’ll be living a better life thanks to your push.

Monitoring Program

After you’ve completed rehabilitation, the only thing left is to get back to normal day life. For those of you that struggle with adapting, Monitoring programs are available. This includes psychological analysis, individual therapy, 24/7 phone support, crisis counseling, and many other aspects that help you stay on track, sober, and clean. Bright Side Recovery works hard to find the right Monitoring program for you, based on what your post-rehab needs are. Let us help you complete your journey and live a happier life.

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For a Free confidential assessment, Please call us today at 951-335-0102.